5-15-19 WOD

1 Strict Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk
*Do these from the rack. All 6 reps = 1 set. You are working up to a heavy set of this. You will be limited by how much you can strict press, so make small jumps in weight so you get a good 6-8 sets in total. 5-8 DB bench press in between each set.


For 5 Cycles:
AMRAP in 4 Minutes of:
400m Run
7 Push Jerks
4 Muscle Ups
*There is no rest. This is 20 minutes total. The AMRAP is the push jerks and the muscle ups (or 8 toes to bar for the muscle ups). Each 4 minute period you start with the 400m run (only once per 4 minute window), then in the remainder of the 4 minutes you complete your AMRAP of 7 push jerk and 4 muscle ups. You pick the weight for the push jerks, something heavy, but something you can do unbroken each time. This is a total of 5 x 400m runs and then your score is as many rounds of the 7 and 4 you can get in your remaining time. Pick up where you left off after you get back from the next run.

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