11-13-19 WOD

Tempo Back Squat

*3-4 Seconds on the way down. Get 4-5 good warm up sets and then do 3 good sets of 5 all at the same weight.


5 rounds
8 DBs power cleans
15 box jumps
20 KBS
This workout is all about hip extension. All 3 movements here are somewhere complementary and use different ranges of motion. The DBs Power Cleans use a large range of motion and force you to create more tension on your hamstrings. The box jumps use a really short range of motion and force you to be explosive on the triple extension. As for the KBS, they are a mix of the others. The range of motion is halfway between the first two movements so you can use weight and create speed with it. Remember, goal is to make the weight move with hips only, you should not finish the movements with your arms.

Time Cap 20 Minutes

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