Using activities that kids naturally enjoy and movements that allow Teens to optimize their physical ability, our Fit Kids and Teens programs provide a fitness program that is safe, fun and energetic. A variety of games are used to focus on basic physical skills. Fit Kids and Teens workouts are tailored to the unique needs of children and teens- helping them stay active and healthy.

Our Fit Kids & Teens program is designed for both the young athlete and the Teen looking to start their fitness journey. The focus of the class is very simple: Make them a better athlete. This is relative to the individual. It is not uncommon for High School athletes chasing college scholarships to work alongside someone younger who is just looking to get their bodies moving. The scalability of the program allows them to workout side by side competing and pushing each other in a healthy environment.
At CrossFit Edina, we use a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning in children. Our classes include elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, body weight movements and plyometrics.

Specifically, our Fit Kids and Teens programs teaches the 10 General Physical Skills. These skills are the base for any sport or discipline your child may pursue.

The 10 General Physical Skills

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance – Can you get enough oxygen to your body?
  2. Stamina – Can you get enough energy to your muscles?
  3. Strength – How much can you lift?
  4. Flexibility – Can you touch your toes?
  5. Power – How much work can you do in the least time?
  6. Speed – How fast can you go?
  7. Coordination – Can you pat your head and rub your stomach?
  8. Accuracy – Can you kick a soccer ball into the net?
  9. Agility – How quickly can you change direction?
  10. Balance – Can you stand on one foot? With your eyes shut?

In addition to learning new skills, you will notice your child makes better food choices, is more focused in school, transitions to new sports easier and has a reduced risk of sport-related injury.

Our goal is to help children become the best version of themselves possible. The tool we use is physical fitness, but our philosophy is that training CrossFit increases quality of life, both inside and outside the gym. We are committed to teaching children to become successful leaders while promoting the importance of health and fitness for a lifetime in a safe and positive learning environment.
Our Fit Kids and Teens learn not only basic physical skills, but also social skills and confidence. Kids and Teens learn fundamental movements including squats, push-ups, pull ups, climbing, jumping, running, weight lifting basics, stretching and elementary gymnastic movements.

More importantly, your child will also learn to follow directions, listen, communicate, and play with others. Every class includes game play and positive reinforcement. Your child’s confidence, both physically and mentally, will grow with each class.

We also focus on leadership skills. As children progress through the program, they will be asked to model movements, lead exercises, and demonstrate an ability to verbally explain exercises while assisting newer, younger students in class.
At CrossFit Edina, our Fit Kids and Teens program is designed for EVERY child to experience and celebrate progress. As you watch your child grow in ability and confidence, they will also learn that hard work results in success.


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