11-12-19 WOD

Wall Climbs

20 repetitions slow and controlled

Properly done, this exercise can be really helpful for your HS walk. On the other hand, if botched, it can be completely useless. Goal here is to use your core to work against instability created by the movement of your hands. The point here is: if you let you core collapse and use only your feet to keep moving upward like a spaghetti, there will not be any transfer possible when the wall will be away. To see a transfer, you need to be engaged the same way as if you were doing HS walk. Your body must therefore move as one solid piece.


Bench Press

4 x 6 @ 70%
*Do 6 challenging strict pull ups after each set. You can do these weighted or work with a band. Go by feel for the bench press, you can even work up in weight a little each set.

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