We will be opening per the State of Minnesota Department of Health approval on Wednesday 6/10. CFE will be following all protocols set in place by the Department of Health as well as implementing additional protocols that we feel will provide additional safety precautions. These will be posted within the gym and available via email

3-13-20 WOD

Every 3:30 for 21 Minutes: 300/250m row 15 Ab Mat Sit Ups 9 Push Jerks (185/125#) *The goal here is to row 32-36 strokes per minute on your row.  Hold that stroke rate for each interval.  Push jerks should be fairly heavy but unbroken. Cash Out: 3 Sets for Quality 10 Strict Pull Ups 10

3-12-19 WOD

Every 1:30 for 15 Minutes: 2 Tempo Back Squats *10 sets! 4-5 seconds on the way down.  Go around 70% here.  Keep your speed on the way up. THEN 3 Round for Time: 25 Wall ball (20/14#) 50 Double Unders 18/15 Calorie Bike 50 Double Unders 25 Air Squats 50 Double Unders Rest 2 Minutes

3-11-20 WOD

1 Mile Run if it’s nice – 2K row if you’re inside Then, 7 Rounds: 25/20 Push Ups 7/5 Bar Muscle Ups 30 Minute Time Cap. Cash out: 50 GHDSU or pvc abmat situp 25 superman/back extensions *1 Mile run buy in!  This is a tough workout but chip away at these rounds.  If you

3-10-20 WOD

Deadlifts 5×5 @ 75-80% *Use the same weight for all 5 sets.  These should be touch and go reps! THEN 5x100m Row For the 5x100m Row, these are all out efforts.  Rest a minute after each set or alternate in a team of 3-4 people.  Record each time and then add up all 5 times

3-9-20 WOD

Overhead Squat 1 Rep Max THEN 4 Rounds for Time: 10 Handstand Push Ups 10 Power Cleans (155/105#) 50 Double Unders 15 Minute Time Cap *This should be a 10ish minute workout.  Here is the kicker of this workout THE POWER CLEANS MUST BE 10 TOUCH AND GO EACH ROUND!  If you drop the bar

3-6-20 WOD

Front Squat 3×3 @ 80% of 1RM *Not a ton of volume here today.  Just want you to hit 3 heavy sets here.  All at the same weight. THEN 5 Round for Time: 25 Abmat Situps 15-12-9-6-3 Front Squat (185/125#) *This should be a 10 minute or less workout.  Move through the sit ups.  Front squats should

3-5-20 WOD

7 Minute EMOM: 1 Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats *Not too long, just some good strength work.  Pick something fairly heavy that you can squat snatch.  3 reps AFTER the squat snatch!  IF you feel good you can add a little weight as you go.  NO MISSES! THEN For Time: 50 Handstand Push Ups Rest

3-4-20 WOD

Bench Press 1 Rep Max *Find your 1RM Today! Make sure you have a spotter! THEN For Time, With a Partner: 150/120 Calorie Bike or Row 100 Bench Press (185/125#) 150/120 Med ball slams 100 Burpee to Target *25 Minute Time Cap!

3-3-20 WOD

Power Clean 5 x 4 @ 80% of 1RM *Do a new set every 90 seconds. THEN For Time: 100-75-50-25 Air Squats 5-10-15-20 Muscle Ups

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