8-1-19 WOD

With a Partner, For Time:
50 Bar Muscle Ups
50 Power Snatch (135/95#)
50 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20#)
100/80 Calorie row

*With a partner. One person works while the other rests. The sub for the bar muscle ups is burpee pull ups. Scale the weight on the snatches so you can go quick singles back and forth at the very least. If you don’t have ski ergs, you can use any machine.

Scaling Options:
1 Bar Muscle Up → 1 Burpee Pull Up

Cash Out:
Accumulate 2:00 in an L-Sit
*Every time you break, 50’ Handstand Walk or :30 Handstand Hold

*You should have about 10 or so minutes at the end of class to work on this. You can do your L-sits on parallettes, on 2 boxes or hanging on a pull up bar. Scale the L-Sit to an “h” tuck.

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