4-30-11 WOD

Happy Beltane! Clean 5×2 (go heavy) 4 rounds: 3 shoulder-to-overhead (155/95 or 110% press 1RM) 6 box jumps 9 burpees 30 TTB/KTE/GHD sit-ups

4-29-11 WOD

The photo on the left shows an excessive lumbar arch. All of the weight is bearing down on the lower back and being magnified on the lumbar region. This will manifest itself as low back pain and premature fatigue. The photo on the right displays a proper full CrossFit kettlebell swing. Note that the hips

4-28-11 WOD

“Helen” 3rds 400m 21 KB Swings 12 Pull-Ups OR 21 KB Swings 21 Pull-Ups 9 Lateral Burpees 15 KB Swings 15 Pull-Ups 15 Lateral Burpees 9 KB Swings 9 Pull-Ups 9 Lateral Burpees

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of our new CrossFitMN gym!

1 year ago today, we had our very first workout in our new gym. We are so proud of the wonderful community at CrossFit Minnesota and thank our team of outstanding trainers for continuing to make CrossFit Minnesota the best gym!!! We look forward to another year of great successes and personal achievements by every

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