CrossFit Edina Introductory Class

Our Introductory classes are structured to give prospective CrossFit Edina athletes an overview of not only CrossFit Edina but the CrossFit methodology as well. All introductory sessions are scheduled with one of our CrossFit Certified trainers.

CrossFit Edina Evolutions Program

The CrossFit Edina Evolutions Program is a series of nine classes that include all of the fundamental movements typically found in a CrossFit WOD. We spend time going through programming and appropriate scaling in the Evolution classes. These classes are designed for the beginning CrossFitter as well as the veteran CrossFitter. You are guaranteed to get a great workout of the day using the foundational movements of CrossFit in the Evolutions classes.

CrossFit Edina Group Classes

CrossFit Edina is ground zero for elite fitness in Minnesota. Here is where it all began! Our group classes have transformed regular individuals into elite athletes and elite level athletes into total monsters. All group classes will follow the same general blueprint: Individual warm-up, group warm-up and skill development and workout of the day (WOD). Individual trainers will add their own flavor to the classes always providing a fun, energetic environment. This is where you will have a workout program designed for you on a daily basis and guided by the top trainers in Minnesota. Aside from the professional training that individual receive, the group classes are where a rare camaraderie is formed. We call it community. Nowhere else will you form these types of friendships. Friendships forged in sweat, laughter, encouragement and achievement.

Schedule your free introductory session and experience what sets CrossFit Edina apart. Today is the perfect day to start on the road to truly Elite Fitness!

Crossfit Edina