“As a law enforcement officer, my fitness level is paramount to my safety and the safety of others. The fitness level I have attained from the program at CrossFit Edina has prepared me for any situation I may encounter”

– Pat M. Federal Law Enforcement Officer


“Super experienced staff and cross fitters! Nothing is more inspiring/intimidating than that! I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 2 years down in FL, so it was nice to participate in a class that was outside of my element. One thing I love about the Crossfit community is that no matter where you go everyone has a positive attitude and is very accommodating. That push to challenge yourself and be a better you is always present.”

– Angelina C.

“I am the poster child for that person who has tried EVERY diet and EVERY workout video there is to offer. If only I could get some of that money back. I am proud to belong to your gym and have never stuck with something this long and look forward to coming in the next day.”

– Ame Goldsmith Mother of four, Total loss of 45lbs and increased overall strength



“I did CrossFit for 3 months prior to completing Army Ranger School. CrossFit prepared me for that rigorous environment; mentally and physically.”

– Chris G. US Army Ranger

“I’ve been doing the evolutions class 3 times a week for four weeks now. The staff is great, they are knowledgeable, encouraging and will push you, but are not judgmental. In my class, a significant part of the class is devoted to executing the exercises correctly. Also, the classes are small (typically 8 people) and instructor led which is important to me.

I’m 57 and came in 50 lbs over weight. My goal was to lose weight and generally get in better shape. I haven’t worked out in over 10 years. I have an arthritic knee, so I have had to scale running, but am able to do most of the the workouts. The workouts are tough, I have not been able complete most of them, but am getting better. I found that I needed to check my ego at the door. I can’t even begin to keep up with 20 and 30 year old women. I have noticed a definite improvement in strength and mobility. I have also tried to embrace a paleo diet, which I follow 90 percent of the time, and this point I have dropped 20 pounds. I have read a bunch of negative reviews, that Crossfit will cause injuries, but have found that with the classes being instructor led and executing the exercises correctly greatly reduces the chance of injury.”

– Bill B.


Crossfit Edina